Why Diaphanum

Our Proposal

Independent wealth management

  • High ability to manage and advice the wealth our clients.
  • We redefine Wealth Management by setting first our clients’ needs and goals as the core of our services.
  • With an open mindset we provide to our clients with a large array of options to work with its portfolios and total freedom to choose entities and jurisdictions.
  • With a constant investment in technology we provide a safe, real-time access to all information in your portfolios.

Open architecture

  • We do not have proprietary products, so we provide access to more than 50,000 different securities and investment opportunities.
  • Security selection is based on our own proprietary system, extensive experience and professionalism.

Multi-custodian banks

  • Our clients are totally free to select not only which financial entity, but also the number of financial entities which they want to work with.


  • Our platform gives international access to different jurisdictions based on the needs and/or constrains of our clients. USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Spain.

Consolidated reporting

  • We offer an immediate and integrated reporting consolidating all the holdings, entities and jurisdictions in a single view.

Cost efficiency

  • Minimun operating costs
  • Renounce receive whatever type of incentive.


  • We diversify the entity risk providing the possibility of multi-custodians and/or multi-jurisdictions.
  • Since Diaphanum is a “Sociedad de Valores” (Securities Firm), it is under the authorization, regulation and official supervision of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and the Spanish National Stock Market Commission (“CNMV”).

Wealth planning

  • We understand your wealth as a whole, regardless the number of entities where the assets might be deposited. We provide a personalized service of financial-fiscal global advice.

Our added value


  • We are born under the European Regulation whom arose as a result of the financial crisis.
  • Our only activity consists of managing and advising the wealth of our clients.
  • The individual average experience in financial markets of our team is 20 years.
  • Our team is specialized on asset allocation and product selection.
  • Wealth Management is our business.
  • Our teams are seasoned professionals with experience in family offices, wealth management, asset allocation, financial planning and private banking.


  • We have the best-in-class technology.
  • Tools of cutting edge technology available for both our clients (aggregator of holdings, reporting, tax reports…) and our teams of analysis, management and risk control.
  • Technology allows us to provide our clients with real time information on their portfolios while maintaining security and privacy.


  • Seniority | More than two decades of average experience in markets.
  • Integrity | Ethics are at the core of our behavior and professionalism.
  • Partnership | Most of our project members are partners or shareholders of the business.

Our difference


  • We do not have any own product.
  • We select the best talent in the management of each asset class.
  • We do not have any relationship of dependence with our suppliers.
  • We do not accept any type of incentive.
  • There is no conflict of interest in our operations.


  • Previously | we offer the breakdown of all the costs that client assumes to invest in each financial asset.
  • Lately | we deliver a detail of costs and commissions on the portfolio of each client at the year end.


  • An only interlocutor supported by a vast and varied multi-task team in order to give answer to all the issues related to the financial investments and administrative needs of the client.
  • Integral advise


  • Permanent and constant investment to improve technologically our working tools related to management of assets.
  • To enhance our technology focus on the usability of our clients.